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There are a lot of pests in Queensland, which Eleni keep at by using environmentally friendly pesticides derived from a range of natural ingredients such as Chrysanthemum Flower Tea, Peppermint and more.


Eleni is based in Gold Coast, Queensland and provides professional and effective eco-friendly pest control solutions that guarantee the health and hygiene everyone needs to live and work in a safe, healthy environment that are free from pests. We focus our services on control and termination of pests common in Australia, particularly in Gold coast and Greater Brisbane region.

Eleni is a family own and operated pest control business, which makes sure that every aspect of the pest control project are done properly and efficiently. We make sure that nothing is ignored nor overlooked. We have a highly competent team of trained technicians who have the experience and skill in residential and commercial sectors in Queensland. They have more than sufficient knowledge in handling eco-friendly pesticides, humane pest control and are well versed in handling all kinds of problems and obstacles involving any pest control project. They can make sure that everything is done efficiently, quickly and without doing much harm to the environment or the people in the vicinity. While focusing on solving your pest problem, we have strategies in place that will help create a healthier and safer living environment for you and the community.


Eleni provides a thorough specialized pest control for both residential and commercial properties. We offer the following services:

  • Termite Control
  • Rat Control
  • Bee Pest Control

We know that not pest problem is identical. This is why we have customized a plan for every project that we do. There are a lot of aspects that needs to be considered such as the location, extent and duration of the problem. But don’t worry since our technicians are extremely equipped to handle any situation that may occur. They are knowledgeable on all kinds of pest present in the area. So whether you are looking for Termite Control Gold Coast, Pest control Brisbane or any of the surrounding areas for that matter, we can handle them.

It is easy and efficient to go green with us. We only use pesticides that are made from natural ingredients. We also handle pest control as humanely as possible. After all being eco-friendly is an increasingly important issue that we have to take part on given that we have a diverse eco-system. We do our part to help the environment and help create a healthy and sustainable future for the next generation. If this is also your aim, then we can work hand in hand with you to achieve that starting with our eco-friendly and humane pest control services.


So, if you have a termite, rodent or bee problem in Gold Coast, Brisbane and any other areas in Queensland, or if you simply want to get a general pest treatment to prevent such cases, feel free to get in touch with Eleni. We have free and no obligation quotation for our services.


We take pride in our fast, effective and affordable and cost-effective services. We have pest control operators that are always ready to assist you in wherever you need. All of our pest control treatments are systematic and comprehensive.

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  • Here at the Eleni, our mission is ensuring that you and your family are living in safe, hygienic conditions and are free from all kinds of pest. This is why it is important that the job is done effectively, efficiently and eco-friendly. If you have a current pest issue and you are looking for Termite Control Gold Coast or Brisbane, feel free to get in touch with us. We can also handle rat and bees. We offer a no obligations quotation that is free of charge. We service areas at both the Gold Coast and Greater Brisbane region. Feel free to get in touch with us and find out what types of services and packages we can offer you to help you solve your pest issue in your home or office. Make your pest problem an Eleni problem! Contact us now using the details below for a FREE and no obligation quote. Contact details: 07 5546 2312 info@whoiseleni.com 6 Edwards Place, Ormeau, Queensland

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